Review: HideMyAss

Review: HideMyAss

Encryption plays a very important role in ensuring that internet users are assured of their privacy when executing their various online tasks more so in online hot spots. One of the companies providing encryption services is HideMyAss. In fact, it is one of the most prominent VPN providers in the world. HideMyAss is a UK based company that provides VPN services in over 151countries. It provides more than 591 servers with a possible 100, 000 IP addresses.

Features of HideMyAss
There are several unique features that are provided by HideMyAss company. To start with, the speed of the service is high and will therefore not waste your time. It has a high loading and streaming video speed. It should be noted that the customer gets the same download speed whether someone is using a physically closer virtual server or a server that is not in close proximity. In connection to this, the company can unlock the geo-blocked content. Similarly, whichever your geographical location, there are no problems using Netflix.
Second, HideMyAss website provides an easy to use guide that helps clients use their website. Generally, the website has a stable URL, is user friendly, and one can easily navigate around the website. Moreover, the website contains comprehensive information on various issues touching on the VPN landscape as well as the products and services provided by the company. In particular, the website provides an easy sign up process and an option for feedback.
Third, the company has various policy highlights that gives the clients an optimal experience. These include the following: selection of fast connection, random change of IP address, server selection, and load balancing. These opportunities give the customers a variety to choose from.
Lastly, the company has a well established customer support that responds to the various needs of its clients. The FAQ section contains responses to different categories of questions. Customers are strongly advised to read through the FAQ section before writing to the customer support. The most common way of contacting the company is through the email/help form. Moreover, the company has a live chat on the home page (not the support page) which is available 12 hours a day.

Challenges Facing HideMyAss
Like any other VPN provider, HideMyAss is not without its share of challenges. A perusal on online reviews shows that the company’s support is quite lax. Consequently, the company is slow in getting back to clients. In this regard, some clients feel the pinch of using the services of the company more so in cases of an emergency. For example, an email response can take as long as two days much to the inconvenience of the client.
A few clients have complained that the money back guarantee was not honored. This has had a negative bearing on the reputation of the company. Nevertheless, there has not been many cases where the money back guarantee was not honored by the company.
Having said that, the company ought to be more responsive if it is to achieve a stable position as a leading VPN provider. In particular, responding to emails on time will help the company to improve its reputation. Similarly, honoring the noney back guarantee policy is of paramount importance.

The Verdict and Conclusion
Despite having a few challenges, HideMyAss is a reliable VPN provider. It offers the rare combination of a cost-effective price and high quality. The price of its package is $ 11. 52 per month. One can also purchase the six months offer that goes for $ 49.99, or a one year offer that goes for $ 78.66. In addition, the company offers money back guarantee should you feel that the provider did not meet your expectations. Overall, HideMyAss is a reputable VPN provider.

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