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HideMyAss VPN | Speed Guide: You can discover the fastest connection either through the default 10 that are closest, or by selecting them yourself. You are able to save your selections in lists for faster testing next time.
Randomly change IP address: Explains itself, you could choose a duration for just how typically you would like to alter IP addresses. This makes it also harder for hackers to track your online activity.


HideMyAss VPN | Secure IP Bind: This is their VPN kill switch feature. This function will certainly make it so you will certainly not connect to the Web via your original IP address. This protects against IP leaking, when your actual IP address is subjected to any individual which wants to locate it out.


HideMyAss VPN | Server selection: Below you could group servers by region and find the fastest one available.


HideMyAss VPN reliable-global-network hidemyass vpn policy Policy Highlights reliable global network

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HideMyAss VPN | Load balancing: The software will certainly alert you to the fact the web server you’re picking is full, and direct you to one with fewer users on it in the very same region.

HMA goes a long way to make certain that you have every little thing you require in their features to arrange with their software, and navigate their comprehensive network of servers.

That said, the intricacy of their software, and the large size of their network, can be very frightening to a new user. For example, IPVanish will have a list of all their servers with a ping time beside them in one home window, providing you the fastest web server speeds at a glance. This is not a possibility with HMA. There are 700+ servers and they can not perhaps upgrade this the time.

You can get around having to test the entire network by creating groups of servers to test in their Speed Guide. If you always want the fastest server in the USA, select each one you may want to use and run the speed test on only those servers. The average user may not want to do this, or they may find it confusing at first.

Their logging policy has been established. They will report to police when given a subpoena. For a law abiding user, there is no worry on this end. Since they are located in the UK, with strict copyright laws, they have banned P2P sharing on their service. As such though, Hide My Ass is not hacker, or P2P sharing friendly.


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