Is Hide My Ass VPN right for you?

Is Hide My Ass VPN right for you?


When searching for a VPN to perform online searches, watch restricted content, or otherwise roam the web freely (anywhere), hide my ass vpn is one of the most well known, reputable, and highly used service providers. But, how do they stack up, and are they as good as users make them out to be? This review will provide a little feedback about the service provider.

Features –
There are a number of features which makes hide my ass vpn stand apart from the rest. Some of these include:
– Dynamically assigned IPs.
– Unlimited bandwidth allocation.
– P2P communication.
– 128 and 1024 bit encryption levels.
What do these mean? Fast, private, and anonymous searching from anywhere. With over 25,000 IPs, increased anonymity and flexibility are possible. And, for downloading larger files, you can select a dedicated IP for more bandwidth when needed.

The plans –
With the vpn you also have different plan options. There is a one month plan at a price of $11.52, a 6 month plan costs $49.99, and a 1 year plan is $78.66. You also are protected with a 30 day, no question asked money back guarantee. Depending on the level of privacy, frequency at which it is required, and of course your budget, there is a plan which will work for nearly any user.

Locations –
There are over 340 server locations with hide my ass vpn. With many in the US (in several states), Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Asia, and many other major destinations around the world, you never have to worry about server speeds when using the vpn. This allows you to easily switch vpns when needed (if you travel), at no additional cost. It also hosts over 20,000 IPs, allowing you to check server options when traveling or at home, to ensure you always maintain the fastest browsing speeds.

Protocols/ Compatibility –
Is the vpn compatible with your devices and in your area? The vpn supports all major protocols used today. This ranges from L2TP, Open vpn, to PPTP. Whether using PC, mobile devices, a Mac, or other devices to connect to the internet and search or browse anonymously, most users won’t have any issues connecting. With open vpn you have additional security built in, making it ideal for those who carry financial transactions online, or use their devices for work related purposes. When you want optimal security and anonymity, the open vpn network gives you just that.

Overall –
For those who are wondering whether or not the hide my ass vpn is a good option for anonymous browsing, visiting sites which are restricted in their region, or otherwise remaining anonymous online, it does provide several unique features and optimal online security. In addition to the optimal security, the vpn provider also allows users to visit restricted websites, from nearly anywhere in the world. With the ability to connect with dedicated IP addresses, in many major countries around the world, you have more freedom. With reasonable pricing, different levels of online security, and compatibility with most networks, protocols, and devices, it is one of the top options for those who want online anonymity.

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