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Since the recent discovery of NSA spying, the number of folks seeking options to enhance their privacy and security on the internet has substantially increased. Viewing it as a chance to attract more customers, many VPN providers are now supplying mobile apps that can be easily installed and also established on iPhone or iPad, making safeguarding and also securing the internet connection on your mobile devices so simple as never before.

HideMyAss, the biggest individual VPN provider, has actually just launched its HMA! Pro VPN iOS app which assists smooth the setup of the HMA VPN on iPhone or iPad. Below is our hands-on experience with the recently launched HMA! Pro VPN iOS App.



To make use of the HMA! Pro VPN iOS app, you require two points. First, you need an iPhone with iOS 5 or later installed on it. Second, you need a HMA! Pro VPN membership from Hide My Ass.

If you currently do not have a membership, you can conveniently create one within the app; nonetheless there is a catch. The rates for the HMA subscription in the app are much more pricey compared to the costs shown on HideMyAss‘s site.

We think this rates distinction is caused by the high repayment handling charges charged by Apple. It will certainly cost you a lot more if you buy the HMA! Pro VPN registration directly within the app, on the various other hand, you could get the exact same registration however a cheaper price on HideMyAss‘s site.


How it Works

As soon as you have the HMA! Pro VPN app installed on your iPhone or iPad, it assists you with establishing a HideMyAss ProVPN profile on your device. A HideMyAss ProVPN profile is basically a VPN setup that has the appropriate settings for you to connect to the HMA VPN servers, eliminating the procedure of setting it up by hand which might be demanding if you’re new to VPNs or iOS. However, the app itself won’t immediately connect you to a VPN web server, you should make use of the VPN feature built-into iOS to connect or detach from a VPN server. Here is a walk-through of the best ways to install and establish HMA! Pro VPN on your iOS devices.


Install HMA Pro VPN from App Store

On your iPhone or iPad, open “App Store” as well as search “hma! pro vpn”. Once you have found the app, click “Install”. You might have to enter your Apple ID and password to finish this action.

HMA pro vpn for IOS iphone  Review 2015 | The New HideMyAss iOS App HMAproIOS1


1. HMA Pro VPN account

Release the recently set up HMA Pro vpn app, and also login using the username and also password of your HMA VPN subscription. If you do not have a HMA VPN membership, click here to conveniently create an account.


HMA pro vpn for IOS iphone  Review 2015 | The New HideMyAss iOS App HMAproIOS2


2. Install HMA! Pro VPN Profile

Once you have actually logged into your HMA account within the app, you will be asked to set up a HMA! VPN profile. Under “VPN service profile”, select the VPN server location and also protocol type (PPTP or L2TP). Usually, L2TP is much more safe and secure than PPTP. Follow the on-screen instruction as well as finish the VPN profile setup.


HMA pro vpn IOS 7  Review 2015 | The New HideMyAss iOS App HMAproIOS3


3. Turn the VPN On

The HMA! Pro VPN iOS app simply configures a VPN profile on your iOS device. To secure your internet connection with the VPN you need to utilize iOS’s VPN functionality to connect as well as disconnect from the VPN. Below is the best ways to activate the VPN in iOS7.
Go to “Settings” > “VPN” then activate the “VPN” switch. Under “Choose a configuration”, make sure the “HideMyAss ProVPN” is picked.


HMA vpn pro iOS 7  Review 2015 | The New HideMyAss iOS App HMAproIOS4



HMA! Pro VPN app strolls you with establishing up the HMA VPN on your iOS devices rapidly and also appropriately. Just what the HMA app ultimate does is installing a VPN profile on your device which you can use to hook up and connect to the HMA VPN service. However, there are a few points you should understand:

You still need to utilize the integrated built-in function in iOS to switch the VPN connection on or off.

There could be just one HMA ProVPN profile set up. If you install a new profile connecting to a various VPN account or connecting to a different loction, your old profile will certainly be overwritten. Setting it up manually does not have this limitation.


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Click here to conveniently create an account, Sign-up

Though you could conveniently purchase a VPN subcription via the HMA! Pro VPN app, it is a lot more expensive compared to buying it from the hidemyass‘s site, which is less expensive.

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